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Avoid the Burrito and 5 Tips for Preparing for Your Photoshoot

Your clothing must compliment or match the product visual colour style, especially if you are modelling for a commercial footwear marketing campaign. Unless you feel like a chromophobe (have fear of using colour) you should always strive to find colour harmony in your clothing style before the day of the photo shoot. Whatever your colour preference is, always remember to create a pleasant and stimulating visual experience for the observer. As a rule of thumb, here is some examples of photographs where colour harmony is achieved. CHECK!

Depending on the photo shoot, the make-up and hair are always a must have for any pre-wedding, portraiture or commercial photography. Be it at your residence by your friend or at a salon. Even if you are a man that feels he looks alright, please ensure you do this on the day. You would be surprised what your barber could do with your facial hair or stylised your beard. Especially the nails. Men should not underestimate the power of proper neutral manicure and pedicure procedures. It adds confidence to you at the photos hoot and also makes your photographs that little bit professional and eye-pleasing. CHECK!

If you want to take stunning photographs of yourself, guess what – your photographer would absolutely want it too. Wardrobe is as important as your hair&makeup unless of-course you’re doing a nude photographic session. You may wish to consult with the shoot producer/photographer in regards to what styles and colours (check COLOUR) would be suitable and look harmonic for the shoot theme. CHECK!

Everybody has a pose that they look 100% in or multiple poses that are aesthetically appealing in photograph. Oh, you don’t feel confident that you have one? Well, then you should study and practice at least a dozen of standard poses by using one of the many posing guides for photography. It is helpful to practice some poses right in front of the mirror or better with help of a peer(s). Here is one by Scott Robert Lim I always recommend all my models in need. CHECK!

When the photoshoot day is tomorrow and the producer or photographer has asked you to prepare for your shoot, make sure you don’t eat a burrito, yep. That includes any other heavy meals 4-6 hours before your photo shoot. Why do you ask? If maybe you don’t wish to have a beer or pregnant belly round look of your stomach heed this advise, especially if it is a bikini shoot or model clothing compilation. You know you may feel rather uncomfortable and God forbid, gassy in front of the camera. It is best to keep it lean and clean prior to your photography session and you may even feel more energy when the cameras are pointing at you. CHECK!

And last but not least, make sure you take time to read the brief (where provided) and know the client’s product and business as you would be surprised how much more likeable you would look compared to other models who are there just for fun or simply because it’s another day’s work. As the result, expect to get more repeat work or referrals from your photographer. CHECK!

Are you thinking about booking a photoshoot but not sure if it’s worth the investment? Let me tell you, the value of a photoshoot is immeasurable.

Personally, who would want to miss the moment of your kids bonding together or taking their first steps, watching your daughter taken by her father down the aisle or event photograph of your nana’s blowing the candles off the cake on her Centenary birthday?

But it’s not just about preserving memories. A photoshoot can also be a great way to boost your confidence and celebrate your unique beauty. Whether you’re in front of the camera alone or with loved ones, a photoshoot is an opportunity to embrace your true self and feel proud of who you are.

But professional photography can be costly and why wouldn’t you use your best friend to volunteer to photograph your event instead free of charge? Do not trump up your expectations in this case, as an experienced event photographer would know every single moment that must be documented and will make sure the photograph is properly exposed, focused and not blurry and most importantly developed in the post-production adding photographer’s touch to it. To put it simply, your professional photographer will never have one-too-many drinks or get overwhelmed with chatter to your event’s guests and miss any of the important moments comprising your event photography. After all it’s their purpose to ensure every photograph is 100% taken and processed at an industry level at the least. Then again, you always have an option of gambling and going cheap with an amateur or on the other hand, seriously committing to invest in your lasting memories. The choice is yours.

After all, everything will dissipate into the abyss of time but photography and film will stay as a solid reminder practically forever.

Additionally, a professional photoshoot can result in images that are simply stunning. A skilled photographer knows how to bring out the best in their subjects and create images that are flattering, creative, and visually appealing. These images can be used for a variety of purposes, such as for social media, professional branding, or as gifts for loved ones.

In short, the value of a photoshoot is multi-faceted. It’s an opportunity to capture memories, celebrate your unique beauty, and create gorgeous images that will last a lifetime. So if you’ve been considering booking a photoshoot, go for it! You won’t regret it.

At YEP we have a multitude of options in terms of background settings and photography to fit your needs and style.

Avoid the Burrito and 5 Tips for Preparing for Your Photoshoot

January 5, 2023


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