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Videoegraphy – By YEP & Collaborators – for your memorable occasions and unique content.

Commercial Videography

Discover the Power of Storytelling through Motion at Your Event Photographer

Breathtaking views, candid laughter, heartfelt moments and incredible details – capture it all with our cutting-edge videography services at Your Event Photographer. 

As one of the leading providers of photography and videography services in Sydney and Melbourne, we blend creativity with precision to tell your unique story through vibrant, cinematic visuals.

Our gallery is a testament to our expertise and dedication. Dive into our portfolio and get lost in the moments we’ve captured – the stunning vistas seen from a drone, the emotional close-ups, the liveliness of events, and the intimate looks shared during a wedding ceremony. With our team of skilled professionals, each frame is an art piece, each scene a narrative.

At Your Event Photographer, our videography packages aren’t just about documenting your day – they’re about creating a legacy. Our team specialises in capturing the essence of your special moments, from weddings to business events, content production and commercial shoots. Each video is meticulously crafted with love and attention to detail, to reflect your unique journey and vision.

Drone Footage:

Elevate your video with a bird’s-eye view of your event. Our drone services capture grand, sweeping views that add depth and grandeur to your story.

Extra Camera Crew:

Need to cover more ground? No worries. Our additional camera crew is ready to capture every angle and moment of your event, ensuring nothing is missed.

Cinematic Colour-Grading:

Our videos are more than just memories – they’re cinematic experiences. With our colour-grading services, we elevate your footage into a visual masterpiece, enhancing mood, tone, and overall appeal.

B-Roll Camera Operator:

Add texture to your story with our dedicated B-roll cameraman. By capturing supplementary footage, we enrich your narrative and ensure a more immersive viewing experience.

Whether it’s your wedding, a corporate event or a commercial shoot, let us transform your vision into a compelling visual narrative. We at Your Event Photographer are ready to help you turn these fleeting moments into everlasting memories. Explore our services and enquire today!

Get ready. to tell your story, your way.
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