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Capturing the Essence of DON’T TELL MA with YEP & Talent

At Your Event Photographer (YEP), we’re not just in the business of capturing the essence of fashion; we’re in the business of making it all look “ba-da-bing”!
Our latest collaboration with DON’T TELL MA, a rising female fitwear brand based in Sydney, exemplifies this dedication perfectly.

Project Overview

YEP teamed up with DON’T TELL MA to photograph and film their latest fashion collection. Led by our talented team, including AMK – talented Producer, Nancy – Hairstylist, Alra – Make-up artist, Videographer – Alexey Pechatnov, and Photographer – Ilya Shirshov, we were tasked to embark on a creative journey to showcase the brand’s unique style and vision for the website, social media and some content assets. 
DONT TELL MA photoshoot

Creative Approach

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, we spent a complete 10 hours in the studio, meticulously crafting each shot to perfection. Drawing inspiration from DON’T TELL MA’s versatile range of female sport, fitness, and everyday wear, we curated a visual narrative that celebrated both fashion and functionality and the brand’s contemporary vibe.

Technical Expertise

To bring DON’T TELL MA’s vision to life, we utilized a combination of studio constant lighting and the studio’s industrial elements, such as white cyclorama backgrounds and metal roller shutter doors. Our arsenal of equipment, including the Canon R6, Sony Aiii camera and iPhone for video reels, ensured that every angle was captured with artistic precision and creativity.

YEP’s Purpose

Through our passion for content creation, photography and videography, we aim to elevate brands like DON’T TELL MA, bringing their stories to life in a visually engaging and captivating way. With a blend of creativity, technical expertise, and a touch of creative vibes, we transform concepts into reality, one frame at a time.


The collaboration between YEP and DON’T TELL MA was more than just a studio shoot; it was a celebration of creativity, innovation, and style. As we continue to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, we look forward to partnering with more brands and making the world a more beautiful place, one click at a time.


The end result? A stunning collection of high-quality images and engaging video content that perfectly encapsulated the essence of DON’T TELL MA. From website imagery to social media reels, our visuals captured the attention of audiences and showcased the brand in all its glory. Additionally, some of the final photographs have been re-imagined with sophisticated backgrounds to bring the style an inch further and add weight to the maximum impact and meaning of the brand value in a marketing campaign. This innovative approach not only enhanced the visual appeal of the content but also reinforced DON’T TELL MA’s position as a forward-thinking and trendsetting brand in the Australian fashion industry.

The crew

Alra – Make-up Art
Nancy – Hairstyle
Alex – Videography 
Ilya – Photography


Amber – @amberkukas

Angel @angelmaybower

Natali @nataliebejar

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